PU Student Council Polls Tension is in the air at DAV College amid 4 arguments in the past week

During the presentation of nominations for the Punjab University Campus (PUCSC) student council elections on Wednesday, DAV College reported a dispute between members of different student groups in Sector 10. Four such altercations have been reported so far , leaving students out of touch with politics concerned about the security situation on campus.

On Wednesday, some students had started making slogans in front of the faculty principal's building for the fun of submitting nominations, and the police had to intervene and maintain order. While police say no one was arrested, some student leaders said at least 7 or 8 students were taken to the police station.

During the presentation of candidatures, students, including hostels, could not access the campus until 2:00 p.m. Mansi Gahlyan and Bhavya Gupta, who are pursuing a Masters in Economics, explained: “We want to feel safe on campus. Today there is a rigidity in the air, which makes us feel that a violent state of affairs can arise on campus that leads to an unfavorable scenario.”

Because of the election, classes will also remain irregular, according to Prince, an undergraduate. "Most of next week's classes will not take place because academics are on election duty," he said.

Himanshi, an English master's student, said the school strictly enforces a ban on outsiders entering the campus.

Speaking about the reports of violence in the faculty, Headmaster Pawan Sharma stated: "In the midst of arguments and fights between members of the student body, the school has hired 4 bouncers to maintain decency and outsiders are not allowed in. However, it appears that between 50 and 100 students were admitted to the university just for running for office.”

About five students were denied admission and four were suspended due to the violence, Sharma said.

Speaking about the possible reasons for the campus violence, Sharma said that the DAV is one of the largest colleges in the region and the Punjab and Haryana political parties are very curious about these elections, which may lead to disputes that may become physical.